Our Sermons
Seven Trumpets

The Pagan Roman Empire dominated the world from 168 B.C. to 476 B.C.  Constantine moved his capital from Italy to Constantinople in the former Byzantine, and he left the eternal city of Rome in the hands of the bishop of Rome.  Left without the military protection of the legions, the Barbarian hordes wreaked havoc over the western Roman Empire. By 476 B.C., the Western Roman Empire lay in ruins under the oppression of the Barbarians.  Then in 622 A.D. a little-known chieftain named Muhammed claimed to have a vision motivating him to start a new religion.


This new religion began first with the Arabs, also known as the Saracens, and then it was inherited by the Turks.  From 622 A.D. to 1840 A.D. the religion started by Muhammed would wreak even more devastation over the majority of Europe, Western Asia and Northern African, than the Barbarians did to Western Rome. In size it was only second to Pagan Rome, in terror it rivaled Rome. 


Follow the career of the Seven Trumpets prophesied in Revelation 8 & 9, as the world has been ripened for the final chapter of its history.