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The Eastern Question

The Eastern Question In 1838, two men told the world that its long-standing problem with the Ottoman Empire was soon to come too its end.  They predicted that on August 11, 1840, the Ottoman Turk would surrender to the Christian nations of Europe. Prior to this, numerous popes had sent Crusaders from the Christian European nations to battle against the Ottoman Turk.  The attempted this  seven times, only to be defeated seven times.  For twelve centuries nations in Europe experiencing sleepless nights under the threat of becoming the next victim of this terror which sprang from the East and middle East.


How was this wild man to be controlled if not by military might?  This was the “question,” formally known as the “Eastern Question,” and when William Miller and Josiah Litch told the world that this threat was soon to come to its end, the world scoffed and laughed. When their prediction was fulfilled exactly to the date and letter, a new religious movement was used to signal to the world the beginning of the end of all things was at hand.  The Eastern Question has but one last sentence to complete it.  Come study for yourself and learn the answer.